Park7 All Blacks Event

21 June 2014 Hamilton

What a grand night we had! We did have rain, but it stopped at the appropriate times to enable us to keep dry going to and from the stadium to the marquee and did not dampen what was a successful charity fundraising event. The concept of everybody being entitled to win a prize, versus a normal charity auction whereby a few people fund most of the fundraising, was new and resulted in us almost reaching $100K (but not quite), a great amount that will go to research.

Thank you to Bettle & Associates for the work that went into creating the wonderful evening, catered by Montana, which we all enjoyed.

To hear Professor Sir Richard Faull and Dr Maurice Curtis speak with enormous passion and commitment about their work at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research was highly moving and enlightening. Having Dave Rennie and Wayne Smith on the couch, interviewed by James McOnie, before we walked across to the stadium for the game to watch the All Blacks play, was a coup.